Nosler .28 Nosler 150 grain E-Tip Lead-Free Brass 300 rounds


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Product Info for Nosler .28 Nosler 150 grain E-Tip Lead-Free Brass Centerfire Rifle Ammunition

Nosler .28 Nosler E-Tip ammo keeps hunters in the game in areas that require lead-free ammunition. Instead of lead, Nosler E-Tip bullets are loaded up with a solid copper-alloy and an OD green polymer tip. The design results in uniform expansion with 95 percent weight retention, superior penetration, and one of the best terminal performances for big game hunting. Nosler recommends .28 Nosler Rifle Ammo for hunting all types of big game.

The Oregon-based Nosler introduced the .28 Nosler cartridge in 2015 as the most powerful 7mm round available in the commercial market. The cartridge design features an expansion control ring and boat tail. During testing, the 150-grain .28 Nosler E-Tip bullets have a muzzle velocity of 3,250 feet-per-second with 3,530 foot-pounds of energy. At 600 yards, velocity drops to 2,160 fps and 1,553 ft-lbs. Stock up and stay lead-free with Nosler .28 Nosler E-Tip 150 grain ammo!

Specifications for Nosler .28 Nosler 150 grain E-Tip Lead-Free Brass Centerfire Rifle Ammunition:

Caliber: .28 Nosler
Number of Rounds: 300
Bullet Type: Spitzer Boat Tail (SBT)
Bullet Weight: 150 grain
Cartridge Case Material: Brass
Muzzle Velocity: 3250 ft/s
Ammunition Application: Deer
Package Type: Box
Primer Location: Centerfire

Features of Nosler .28 Nosler E-Tip 150 grain:

  • Signature OD Green Polymer Tip – Nosler’s advanced polymer tip initiates expansion while delivering unsurpassed penetration and weight retention.
  • Expansion Control Ring – The ECR ensures controlled expansion at a wide range of velocities and conditions, making the E-Tip very versatile.
  • E² Cavity – The exclusive Energy Expansion Cavity provides a dual-expansion chamber for amazing stopping power and uniform expansion with 95%+ weight retention for superior penetration.
  • Solid Copper-Alloy Construction – Nosler’s one-piece design meets all “lead-free” hunting regulations.
  • Boat Tail Design – Boat tail configuration combines with the streamlined polymer tip for extreme long-range performance and easier loading.


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