Proof Research Barrel Tikka T3x Pre-Fit 6.5 Creedmoor Sendero 1 in 8″ Twist 4-Groove 5/8″-24 Thread Carbon Fiber


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Proof Research Barrels pre-fit carbon fiber for Tikka T3x actions make it easy to upgrade your rifle or change calibers. The pre-fit T3x shouldered barrels are easy to install, with no gunsmithing required. Just thread it on, torque it down, and head for the range. The carbon fiber material used with the pre-fit barrels make everything lighter and stronger. The carbon fibers that Proof Research uses have a unique ability to diffuse heat along the length of the barrel (much like fiber optics transmit light). Carbon fiber also moves heat very effectively through the wall (thickness) of the barrel greatly increasing heat transport resulting in barrels that cool faster, maintain accuracy over longer sessions of fire, and live longer. The end result is an aerospace-grade, high-fiber content composite barrel that is stronger, lighter, as accurate as the finest precision steel barrel, and durable to perform in the most demanding environments. They’re not just lighter—they’re better.


  • Up to 64% lighter than traditional steel barrels of similar contour
  • Match-grade accuracy
  • Improved heat dissipation for cooler and longer lasting barrels
  • No point-of-impact shift during high-volume fire
  • Reduced harmonic barrel vibration
  • Unprecedented durability
  • Product Information

    Material Carbon Fiber
    Length 22 Inches
    Weight 2 Pound
    Twist 1:8
    Threads 5/8″-24
    Barrel Contour Sendero
    Country of Origin United States of America

    Delivery Information

    Shipping Weight 3.285 Pounds


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